Coconut Diaries: What I Eat In A Day

Before I get into full foodie mode, I would like to answer two questions...

  • Lisa asked if we grow avocado trees here... Yes we do! But we call them pear☺
  • Karen asked how warm it is at this time of year... It's pretty warm during the days, but not boiling hot. The nights are very cool, and the very wee hours of the mornings are very chilly. That's when I draw for the covers☺

On a foodie note...
I am sharing with you what I had for my main meal today. Most days, fruits and a light soup are what I eat. But I usually have a heavy meal for two or three days in each week. Today was one of those days.

Once again, I had lunch at my favourite restaurant in town☺ It's a quaint little place that makes nice vegan meals. I had a peas stew, dasheen, yam, sweet potato, bammy, fried plantain, cabbage salad and some vegan nuggets. It was delightful☺♥

I also had sorrel juice, which is a traditional festive beverage that islanders make at this time of year.

What traditional meals or beverages will you be having during this festive season?

Have a wonderful evening☺



  1. cool nights are ok! I bet your cool nights are a lot warmer than our cool nights :) thanks for answering the questions - it is always interesting to hear of how others live in other other countries than our own. If it was just me I would probably live on fish, rice, salads, and other light meals - I'm afraid my husband is a big meat eater though and would not be happy if I fed him that all the time so about 3 nights a week I make the light meals and 3 meals a week I make something more what he likes, meat & potatoes about one night a week we eat out but not all the time. I like a light lunch and breakfast. Holiday time though I love to bake and make too many cookies

  2. The sorrel juice looks very refreshing.

    We will have ham for Christmas and I'll make one or two special desserts during the week that our son is visiting. I'm not sure what they will be though. One will *probably* be a pear custard tart.

  3. I will be having ham, turkey, and lots of other goodies for Christmas. Your meal looks delicious but I must confess I have not heard of some of the items. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Oh your dish looks so yummy!
    It's interesting you call avocado "pear." I've never heard of sorrel juice but would love to try :-)

  5. Wow - what a fabulous lunch! Looks delicious! My New York/Italian/English traditional Christmas meals are seafood for Christmas Eve and lasagna and prime rib for Christmas Day. Here in New Mexico, the traditional Native American dish is Posole (hominy/pork/red chile) for Christmas Eve. I learned how to make it from my mother-in-law and it is almost as good. We mix it up with an antipasto and Italian Bread and Indian Oven Bread. Love the crazy mixes! :)

    1. OOh - Indian Oven Bread - is that nan? Do you have a recipe? TIA

  6. Sounds yummy, Summer. Looks yummy, too. I'm curious. Do Jamaicans use quilts (3 layers) or coverlets (2 layers)?

  7. Awwww it is sooooo much easier to eat healthy when you are in paradise! In the north, when the temps are sub-zero as they are now, we go for FAT LADEN CRAP........COMFORT FOOD...HEAVY STUFF.......why? We get to cover it all with bulky coats and sweaters ;)

  8. Around here, Christmas is filled with cookies, fruit cakes and other sweets. Dinners usually include ham because we are tired of turkey from Thanksgiving. Being married into an italian family, we will probably have a lasagna dinner with family on Christmas da

  9. That does look good. I grew sorrel before and as I recall it had a lemon flavor- does the juice?

  10. Thanks for the food pic! I spy plantain. Yum!

  11. I could live on veggies alone, although I do enjoy fresh fish as well. My hubby is a meat and potatoes man, so I tend to do a roast chicken once a week with loads and loads of veggies, and for the rest of the week do vegetarian meals.
    Christmas I will do a chicken, lamb and gammon (as the hubby's family like that), and then a bunch of veggies and veggie meals. x

  12. The Sorrel juice looks a nice colour is it a sweet juice, for some reason I usually think it is stinking bloody hot on these islands but that could be because I have never been there

  13. Mmmm... the juice looks very tasty and refreshing and what you eat looks simply delicious!

    Merry Christmas, sweet Summer. Hugs!