Coconut Diaries: This Season

Right now, we are experiencing island cold climate. It's very different from what you would experience if you live where it snows. 

The days are very sunny and windy, but the evenings are chilly. The nights may be chilly enough so you may need a blanket. 

At the moment, we have visiting friends, and one is wearing a sweater. 
It's the kind of chill that you can manage without a sweater, but most islanders choose to wear sweaters. 

Also, mosquitoes are not so comfortable with this climate, so we don't have them around so much at this time of year☺ The tides are high, and short showers of rain are quite frequent... 

Charlotte likes spending the days outside, but she has to keep running in the house because of the rain. It even rained yesterday before we went to the beach. 

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
I would love it if you could mail me some snow☺

Also, I will be posting in the mornings again (soon). But it has been some very crazy days lately☺



  1. Hi Summer, it is wet, windy and cold here today in North East England. It's been a lot milder than a normal December though. Strangely so.
    The thought of needing a blanket here doesn't enter our heads, it goes without saying :) Merry Christmas to you xx

  2. Here in central Alabama it has been cold but yesterday and today it has warmed up a little enough for me to get outside and blow the leaves off my yard. No snow but the states north of us have been having lots of it. Have a blessed day and a very Merry Christmas. Madeline

  3. Hi in New Mexico we usually have clear bright blue skies...but today (thankfully) it is rainy. Not cold enough to snow, but it is snowing in the mountains (10,000 feet above sea level) The skiers are excited. Merry Christmas!

  4. Here in the footheels for North Carolina, we rarely see any snow. Its a big deal if we do. However, the mountains are only thirty to sixty minutes away and they get snow often. The wheather here can be 25 in the morning and 60 in the afternoon. I never wear a coat. We get our coldest days in February and March then Summer will hit with a bang in May. I would love to be where its never less than 70 degrees.

  5. Today is sunny and calm the snow is melting in the streets so they are slushy so very pleasant here after last weeks 20 to 30 degrees below zero when it was too cold to snow but it blew. Its 50 degrees warmer than last week!! More snow is on the way for Christmas. I can't imagine a Christmas without the cold and snow.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Our weather cannot decide WHAT it wants to be. It is cold and damp one day and then sunny and beautiful the next. But, that's okay. We are used to this typical Florida weather. LOL

  7. A little cooler, but not cold, and no mosquitoes sounds like perfect weather to me. :-)

  8. We had 6 inches of snow last week, but most of it melted away.

  9. No snow for us either, some nights are quiet warm, hot even, hot enough to have the air conditioning on during the night