What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Hey there☺ 
I hope you had the most fabulous week and a wonderful Thanksgiving day. It is not a traditional holiday here, but my mother who lives in Texas (USA) celebrates Thanksgiving.

I have been painting all week and decorating, so I am happy for another weekend. I will be finishing up decorating this morning. And I am planning on visiting blogs in the evening, then go for a walk around the town. I am longing for some sand between my toes, so tomorrow or Sunday will be beach day☺

Have a fantastic weekend♥


P.S. My sister  just invited me to a luncheon. So I will be adding that to my schedule for today♥


  1. if the weather is nice I need to get more outside work done - the fall leaves are covering the ground

  2. Your weekend looks to be a fun one. We're having second Thanksgiving today and in-between cooking and such for that, doing some Christmas decorating!

  3. We are still eating turkey even though I only cooked a breast. Saturday we visited with the GK, and then yesterday sang the first of the Christmas carols with our choir on the first Sunday in Advent. This year sure has flown by!