Coconut Diaries: Childhood Village

About two weekends ago, I visited the village where I grew up. And this guy (the donkey in the photo above) was there.

Nostalgia took over, and I felt like I wanted to move back there.

The ackee tree I used to climb was still there. I am very feminine, but I'll find my way up a tree by way of a ladder... Sometimes☺ When I find the guts, or in need of adventure!

The coconut trees, banana trees, rivers, streams, jack fruit trees... It is one lush place.

Another thing that really made me feel a longing is the lifestyle of the people. It's a very rural area, and the residents still live a very rustic and laid back lifestyle. Seeing the chickens in the yard, water coming from different places in the hills, and all the lush land made me just want to go right back to my childhood days.

I am now living very close to the heart of the town area. So it's very different here. But, I make sure to keep my lifestyle simplified enough to not miss out on the best parts of life- the simple things☺

Do you still live in your childhood village or town? Or, do you feel nostalgic when you visit like me?

Happy Monday♥


P.S. By now you should know that I am living in Jamaica, and this is the beginning of a new column- Coconut Diaries. Thanks again to all my friends who followed along with the Island Mystery series.


  1. I live a long way from where I grew up, I kind of miss it in a way but I live in the country here too in Arkansas so really not that much different other than the weather Wisconsin where I grew up is cold half the year and Arkansas has short winters.

  2. I live in my childhood town. I was born on the east coast, but my parents moved here when I was in grade school. My husband and I raised our three children here, and now they are living elsewhere.

  3. I live quite a long way from my hometown. I have many fond memories growing up there in the small town of Nevada City, California. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  4. I love your new Coconut fun. Sadly, I do not live in my childhood town...close to the beach. I now live over 2000 miles away and I miss it every day. But perhaps if I never left my childhood hometown, I wouldn't appreciate it the way I do now. :)

  5. I so enjoy your blog! Now I can put a place on the stories you share. ha ha. I was just wondering, Do they grew Avocado trees there?

  6. Tree climbing was a passion of mine as a child too!

  7. Just gorgeous!! We moved so many times when I was growing up. I don't live anywhere near where I grew up but I went back there once. I didn't want to go back, but it brought tears to my eyes.

  8. I have lived in the same place all of my life. I live two miles from where I grew up.

  9. military brat. no hometown. grew up all over.
    but I have lived here ever since I met my husband and have stayed after he died. it's the longest I've ever lived anywhere. I doubt now that I'll ever move.
    I loved the nostalgia of your post.
    and the name of this new series... "coconut diaries."

  10. I'm so far away and yet so close to my home town, maybe some day I can visit. Thanks for stopping and visiting my blog. I'm new to yours and I'm so enjoying your COCONUT DIARIES. Everything is so beautiful and green, love the donkey.
    Sending blessings,

  11. Love this first instalment of Coconut Diaries! Also love the donkey!

  12. Oh Summer, what a lovely post,and I love that tree and of course the donkey :-)
    I live in my childhood home and have such beautiful sweet memories. There have been a few changes in the area, but more so of a single storey house now being a double storey, so it is all cool :-)

  13. What a beautiful area to live in. I bet when you go back the air smells different -- all green and full of nature. (That is, if you are living, as you said, near the city, now). I can tell when I'm up north just by how the air is different. I love the donkey.

    I still live in the same small city I grew up in. It's both good and sad to see the changes.

  14. Hello Jamaica ! I really love your creative work ! And your island country, too ! Have a pleasant week !

  15. love the photo of the donkey and i know what you mean about home town and nostalgia. I've only visited my home town once time since leaving in 1960 - which was 1987 but I use google maps now to visit it. Jamaica - I get to visit there next November for one of my son's weddings.

  16. I am a city girl and only live 5 minutes from where I grew up so go there all the time and my parents still live in the same house they lived in from just after I left school