Blueberry Love

Did I tell you how much I love blueberries? Now you know, if I didn't tell you before. I love eating them, especially frozen, and I like baking with them too.

I am sharing with you today, a Blueberry Mug Cake and some Blueberry Scones that were on my old blog.

I just didn't see it fit to post the recipes on this blog. But if you would like the recipes, do let me know. I'm thinking about creating a section on this blog for those old recipes.


Happy Wednesday☺



  1. Lovely! Our grandchildren especially our granddaughter would enjoy the blueberry cake in a cup and the scones look good too! x

  2. I'd love the recipe for the blueberry mug cake! sounds wonderful and fast to make.

  3. I love blueberries too. I love the mug cake and the scones, they both look delicious!!

  4. Those scones sure do look scrumptious. Wish I had one to go with my coffee right now. :)

    I put blueberries and pecans in my oatmeal, you should try it sometime.