Blogging: Finding Inspiration Without Looking Too Far

I think almost every blogger go through the struggle to find inspiration at some point. I do... ☺
But inspiration is never usually absent. Sometimes it just comes in packages we never expected. 

Here is how I find writing inspiration without looking too far...

  • I look back at my old posts that I feel good about. Those that make me sparkle. And I create similar ones. I am the type of person who loves variety, and also similarity. And a potion made up of sparkling similarity and variety is what gives a good dosage.
  • I read each and every single one of my readers' comments. My blog is a community as much as it is my journal. And my readers give me wonderful ideas when they ask a question, or just say something sweet.
  • While I am writing a post, ideas usually flow. So instead of stuffing it all into one post, I make notes of those ideas and thoughts, and sometimes multiple posts will come from just starting to write one.
  • Lastly, it doesn't matter how simple something is, it is inspiration for me. Even just a leaf! I don't put a fencing around inspiration. It's all about how I tell the story♥



  1. I totally agree. Some days I write multiple word documents that I save as posts for another day as the ideas are flowing. Other days I need to use the spares to get me going.

  2. If I have a halfway decent idea for a post or some inspiration I start a draft in my blogger file and come back to it when I have time to better form the idea. It seems like life is so full and joyful there is more inspiration than time! And that is a good thing!

  3. Not putting a fencing around inspiration...that is beautiful.

  4. It's always the simple things that inspire me too... the best thing for me is to just sit down and write without thinking about it too much :-) ... xox

  5. Your beautiful photos are an inspiration, I am inspired by what I have captured on my camera.

  6. Summer, you have no idea how inspirational you are. Just reading your posts and looking at your amazing pic's is inspiration within itself. Have a beautiful day :-)