Island Mystery: Soup All Year Round

{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}

I have realized that in most cultures, soup is a dish that is mostly had in the colder months. But in my culture, soup is an all year round dish. It is mostly sunny here, but don't be surprised to see someone grabbing a cup of soup for lunch, or having a large bowl for dinner on a very warm evening. 

Soup is sold everyday on the highways, in town areas and in restaurants. It is also a tradition for most families to make soup on Saturdays. I looked forward to Saturdays because of soup when I was growing up. 

Islanders like a heavy soup, filled with dumplings, yams and other vegetables. Meat is usually in the mix too.

Although there is a lot of sunshine here, soup has been my favourite dish to date☺

How often do you drink soup? A week without soup for me is incomplete♥



  1. I am a great fan of soup using the seasonal ingredients so the type of soup changes throughout the seasons.

  2. not so much in the hot summer months but in the fall and winter I would say several times a week - I would more often but hubby is not a fan of soup

  3. I like soups only every now and then...a good veggie soup with cornbread is always my choice...

  4. My family loves soup and could eat it every, not so much. When we go out to eat, the girls often order soup...I just chuckle. :)

  5. I was raised with soup as dinner. My Mr doesn't care for soup (this seems to be a trend...). I wish he did!

  6. We have soup in the winter when I can cook it up on the back of the wood stove.