I truly believe that focusing on one task at a time gives really great results. It is so easy to get caught up with the never ending to-do list (and many other lists). And time goes by so quickly... You realize that not even one project gets completed properly!

I try to apply single-tasking as much as possible. Even in very small ways like not using my phone when I am eating (even when alone). Or, making sure not to do anything else when writing a blog post.

I find that I live in the moment and I get more done with single-tasking. Also, I learn to prioritize... Do the necessary and leave the unnecessary undone.

It simply makes my life better and I don't feel so exhausted!

Have you been single-tasking too in anyway at all?


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  1. I must try to do that! When I hand quilt in the evening I do watch Netflix but I'm also playing word with friends and exchange messages with my sister - I guess I normally do 3 things at once!!

  2. It depends on what the situation is...I have always been able to multi task and believe me, it comes in handy while I am studying or doing research etc...but while at home, I tend to stick to just one thing.

    Have a beautiful day friend.

  3. I'd like to say I was single-tasking, but sadly --- sometimes I multi-task.

  4. I had to laugh reading this as I was sewing something recently and thinking about 2 or 3 other things and of course I screwed up and had to get the seam ripper out.

  5. Yes, I think this is so important cause we can focus on one thing at a time and do the best we can in that. Thanks for the reminder. It's been hectic around here, and I must single task. :)


  6. Yes... .good advice... I try to multi task way too much and like you said.. never seem to get anything totally done! I get so distracted if I get up to go get something, and end up not finishing what I was working on and starting something else. It always feels SO GOOD to actually get one thing done! I like to do at least two things at once.. like read my book while I eat, or crochet while I watch TV, or do crossword puzzles while on the potty! (had to had that in!). I wish life didn't have so many distractions and I wish I didn't make so many "to do" lists.

  7. We've so much come to expect ourselves and each other to multitask. I remember how first amused, and then disturbed, I was the first time I read about "dual screening," which of course everyone now knows about (and does without even really thinking). I can't imagine dual-screening myself. When I get to the end of a work day (which is mostly computer-based), the last thing I want is to stare at a computer and/or phone screen some more, let alone both, while I watch TV too!

    The crazy thing is, we have all these loads of research showing that multitasking is less efficient than focusing on one thing at a time. And yet we do it willingly, and sometimes our employers even expect it. Where's the sense in that?

    ...yet even as I write this, my brain is moving is three other directions, lining up the various things I need to get accomplished today. I might only be "doing" one thing, but I can't seem to stop the multitasking mindset. Sad, isn't it?

  8. When I'm into my art, I am single tasking. Sometimes I even forget to eat! But other things -- it all depends!

  9., never. It would be nice, but no, never. :) Although, exactly like Jeanie said (above)...when I paint, or when I write blog posts, I forget everything else and sort of float away. Interesting, right?! Thanks for the post.