Life Lately

Happy Sunday♥ What have you been up to lately?
Here is what I have gotten up to over the past few days...
🌸Blogging... I hope you like the changes here on the blog. I have made some changes here and there and so far I am quite pleased. Also, I thought I would let you know that I enjoy visiting your blogs so much. And thanks to you for visiting me and for your comments too.

🌸Photography... Well, I have been working on taking pictures of butterflies☺ I feel like a crazy woman! But I think I have made some sort of progress though.

🌸In the kitchen... Maybe I am have been in the kitchen too much! Soup, fritters, guacamole, burgers... I have been indulging a lot lately.

🌸Doing a lot of planning... I have been making plans and a lot of lists. Recipes, decorating and gardening are all included. And yes, I do plan to share!

What have you been up to lately?


P.S. I hope it doesn't rain... I have plans for the beach today♥


  1. love your photography. Same old stuff here that I am doing, quilting, garden/yard clean up thinking of traveling for fall

  2. Hi Summer! Great blog... I too have been indulging a little too much in the kitchen lately but oh well! That's what summer is for I guess... To just let go and relax! Have a great Sunday!

  3. your blog always make me smile, Summer...nothing here but school and studying...smiles

  4. I love seeing your blog changes and am truly enjoying visiting and your visits to the Gypsy. The photos are lovely -- and I hope your weather holds.

    It's lovely here as well and yes, I'm sitting in the sand and maybe taking a dip!

  5. I am so pleased to meet you, Summer!

    I have been blogging for almost six years. Up until last January I had a google account. At the end of last year my posts would not publish for hours after I published them. I tried to get help from Google . . . they did not respond.

    I lost heart . . . I stopped blogging for awhile. I was tired of the glitches.

    I found that I both missed my friends of five years and NEEDED to return to this lovely form of expression.

    This place is a new journey for me. Since I have a very sedentary job, I cannot spend the time I once did blogging due to weight gain and health reasons.

    I blog when I am inspired. I blog to motivate, to encourage, to laugh . . . to go outside and play.

    Your blog is lovely. It’s filled with sincerity and it’s a visual treat. I have visited twice . . . tried to leave a comment . . . I hope I reach you this way!

    Have fun thinking out loud and sharing!


    (I have tried to leave a comment twice. Let's hope 3rd time is a charm!)

  6. The beach sounds like a wonderful idea. We may do that too, provided the afternoon storms hold off.

  7. Loved visiting your blog very much. Your photos are wonderful. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog too. Have a lovely Sunday and Labor day. :)

  8. Summer use caution at the beach. I thought you lived on the east coast for some reason. The news looked bad for the beaches there. Yes, if your friends see you chasing butterflies they will think, "What has happened to Summer?" LOL...I run after them all the time. LOL I like seeing the foods that others cook...I just don't cook much if I can help it. :) So many years of fixing 3 meals a day, big Sunday and holiday dinners...I am about done. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  9. Great photos! Super post! Greetings!:))


  10. It's so nice to meet you summer! I enjoyed my visit. Your pics are honestly fantastic! Soo pretty. I've been up to more sewing (thank you for your kind words btw!) and celebrating my middle sons 40th birthday! Hope you have a good week!

  11. Summer, I always enjoy visiting with you...your pics are beautiful and The blog changes are great! Happy Labor Day, Pam @ Everyday Living

  12. Butterflies are wonderful! My son has a boxer that loves to chase them too. It is so fun to watch. He never catches them but spends hours doing so. Enjoy your beach day!

  13. It's always good to spend time in the kitchen creating meals using whole fresh food ingredients!

    All the best Jan

  14. I've been painting and painting furniture. My dining room is (unintentionally) starting to look like sherbet flavors at the ice cream store!

  15. Yes well I do like the look of your blog, I like coming for a visit and of course I like it when you drop on over to my blog.

  16. Lovely Summer Daisy Cottage site . . .
    Stopping by to visit . . . my first . . .
    Delightful . . .

  17. Hi Summer!
    I hope you've enjoyed your day at the beach! I haven't been doing much of anything exciting ~ trying to keep a continual watch on my boy. He's almost out of the woods ~ we should get the stitches out on Tuesday. He wants to constantly rub his head on something and the cone they gave us didn't work.

    I am working on clearing out and donating...again! :) Right now, I want total organization so I'm hoping this mind set will stay for awhile. I'd love to be at your house eating all that good food! :)


  18. It all sounds pretty good to me! I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things after a week away.

  19. I could relate from your photography and a lot of planning. Well, the most important is we don't lose the enthusiasm whether it's only a very small matter or a bigger one.

    Your blog site looks neat. Keep it on!

  20. your blog theme is very beautiful ,it is pleasure to read because it is so easy to do so .,
    liked your style of writing too .Best wishes dear

  21. Thanks for your blog visit. I've been doing some of those things too!

  22. I'm trying to read more. I was an avid reader when I was younger, but nowadays, it takes me forever to finish my books! I'm also trying out the colouring craze...

    Thanks for the visit!