Diaries: A Letter To Myself

Dear Summer,
Here a some things I want you to always remember...
People will come into your life. But not everyone is meant to stay.
Don't keep focusing on the past. You are not going in that direction... You are going forward.
Happiness is not something you need to go in search of. You already have the resources to create it.
The happiest people are those who create happiness. If you create it, then you can have just about any amount you desire.
Get to know and love yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important of all. As you will always end up being with yourself no matter who enters or exits your life.
Life is made up of different things- failure, love, happiness, sadness... Embrace it all! You are stronger than you know you are ♥

Yours Truly,

P.S. I really do love you♥


  1. Lovely summer... It is true. I believe we have to take steps to make our own happiness to. You have to embrace life as much as you can. Find the joy and happiness and leave the rest behind. Well self note... Happy weekend dearest with love Janice

  2. Great reminders to "ourselves" !!
    And yes-people come and go all the time, but each of them leaves you with something. It's all good!

  3. Very good reminders! I love the photo you have with the post too.

  4. Good letter to yourself.... we should all have one! We must love and embrace our "inner" self before anything else.. I truly believe that.

  5. I think it is a great photo with this post, too.
    It would be great if we could always remember these things that you've written here.

    Have a beautiful day!