Cute Mug Vase

I love how this little five minute project of mine turned out. I got the idea while browsing last week, and decided I would try it yesterday.

All you need is a mug, flowers and water. You can also wrap some vines around the mug too, like I did. This same little project can also be turned into a planter.

Cute... Isn't it?




  1. for a long time when my girls were kids and we were traveling on vacations they started to buy me a unique coffee mug of some type - not the ones with sayings on them but nice pottery style - unique handle, or color, shape etc - after 10 years or so I had to call a stop to it as I was getting way too many of them but I still have them and occasionally get a new one here or there in our travels. I find they are perfect for small bouquets

  2. I have an Orchid in a pottery mug I found at a second hand store. It was a size bigger than the pot it came in which was so tiny. The Orchid likes it. It has almost out grown the little mug. Im looking for a larger one to use now. I like mug vases. They make great starters to give friends and neighbors.

  3. Aw how sweet is that? I love the look. What kind of flowers are those?

    1. Those flowers are called lantana. I have a yard full of them here on the Texas Gulf Coast. :)

  4. This is a nice idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a blessed week. :)