Dinnertime Practices

Dinnertime is one of my favourite time of the day. Whether I am eating with family, friends or solo... It is just a special time to me♥ Here are some things I like to put into practice to make the most of dinnertime:

  • Make it simple... Or grand if you want! It is all up to you. The meal doesn't always have to be something fancy. It can even be premade.
  • Make it an appointment or a date. Just like most other things in life that we schedule.
  • Dinnertime is not technology time (phone, TV etc)... The camera is kind of in a different category, as we may want to capture the moment at times. But live for the moment- not for the camera.
  • Have good conversation☺It is best to only talk about pleasant things and enjoy each others company at dinnertime. Great memories and bonding may be created.

What are your dinnertime rituals or practices? I would love to hear☺


Photo via allwidewallpaper.com


  1. Hi Summer! Finally getting to visit. Your blog is lovely! I'm sorry it got derailed but glad you are back! My main dinner practice (at least when it is me and any one other person and sometimes just me!) is to set the table pretty. Doesn't have to be fancy -- just pretty placemats are fine; something in the middle -- flowers or whatever -- is even better, but sometimes you have what you have! And when there is more than one -- lose the phone, and talk, as you said!

  2. What great ideas you've shared for a pleasant and happy mealtime, Summer!

  3. Oh Summer, I totally agree about techy things at the table. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Oh Summer your table is simply beautiful! I love the rich textures you have captured!

  5. What a wonderful feast you have set out before us.
    I agree, mealtimes are time for a great get together and conversation. There is no room at my table for technology. Have a wonderful Wednesday Summer :)

  6. We always eat together as a family, all seven of us, our children are aged 10 to 20 and we always eat lunch and dinner together every day durin the holidays. Durin school time, it is just dinner. But it is a time with absolutely no electronics, no phones; it is a time to talk, a time to enjoy the food, laugh, discuss, chat about all that has gone on during the day. It is a very important part of the day and important family time that has always been like this.

  7. Oh Yes, I like what you said about living for the moment, not for the camera. It's hard not to take photos for me while I'm in nature. God's nature is incredible. But I can't understand how people take pics step by step of the dishes they make. I just simply want to dive in. :)


  8. I have to say first - love your blog!!!! I like meals with family - friends too - but more often family. I like to make it pretty - even if it is just a bowl of cereal with some fruit on top. Pretty dishes and linens make a meal special and I think it honors the food and those we eat with. Good conversation too - and no screens - I agree (well the camera doesn't count). I love to cook things that I know are favorites of those I'm eating with - happy faces make happy tummies. And never a cross word at meals - hopefully no cross words at other times either - they do not add anything to our lives - sweetness in our talk is one of my favorites of meal time.