A Revelation About Slowing Down

Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Over the weekend (Saturday evening), the electricity went out. I allowed myself to slow down and changed my plans for the evening. I lit some candles, sat in the kitchen for a while preparing food for storage and then I made dinner.

It felt like time had stopped... Every minute felt so beautiful and calming.

And I realized how much slowing down for those couple of hours made me feel at peace and happy.

 I enjoyed the ambiance and the simplicity of the moment.

A few hours later, the electricity came back. And I turned off all the lights and gadgets... I kept the candle flames burning through out the house and had a real candle light dinner.

It is so amazing to see the simple things that inspire or enhance happiness.

I had the most wonderful evening... Thanks to simplicity and slowing down.

Have you too benefited from slowing down lately? Have you been slowing down in anyway at all?

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful evening, maybe we should all schedule one like that at least once a month.

  2. I am trying VERY hard to slow down, but life keeps getting in the way. LOL I am successful a little bit though and it feels GOOD!

  3. Now that sounds a blissful evening ...
    It does us good to slow down.

    All the best Jan

  4. Love this -- congratulations for keeping the feeling going and for making it a pleasure instead of an inconvenience. The ability to do that has to be as good for your spirit as slowing down in general is!

  5. If that had happened here, I'd have probably had heat stroke! I'm yearning for fall.

  6. I've slowed down this last month since I fell and landed on my knee... have had to sit mostly with legs up... and was so nice to have this "forced" rest! I do miss certain things, but actually enjoyed giving myself permission to just sit and "be".. read, watch TV and relax. I almost hate to get back to the rush rush rush of things! Now a REAL slowdown would be to unhook the computer and not have any interest at all! That's a real eye opener, but really nice once you get used to not running to the computer every hour! Your evening sounds sublime.

    1. I meant unhook the internet and not have any "internet" at all (not interest)!!!

  7. We used to have "Silent Sundays' where we unplugged and just sat in the peaceful quiet house. We'd read or I'd stitch but no phones, no computers or tv for an entire afternoon and evening. I need to start this back up again because I miss that recharging my soul time.

  8. Slowing Down and reflecting...thank you Summer for highlighting this...I don't do it enough (at all) and I need to...we all do. Such a sweet evening you created.

  9. It sounds so nice to have candles burning! I am surprised by how peaceful it is to keep the tv off.

  10. I had a slowing down moment this morning. I was sipping my coffee on our garden porch. A beautiful little butterfly landed on my sundress. It was almost the same identical colors! If I had been flitting around "being busy" I would have missed this almost magical moment!

  11. Sounds like the prefect night! I always feel like this on a snow day when no one can go anywhere! I am trying to balance all the things we need to get down with peace...I'll let you know how I make out!

  12. Just found your lovely blog! Sounds like a wonderful evening, Our electric went off also during a storm just the other day, I should have enjoyed! but, so hot here in the south, doesn't take long to get hot in the house, I enjoyed reading how you handled your "time out", I think next time I will mellow out, Hugs,

  13. My life is lived in the slow lane and the better for it. I churn my own butter, spin my own yarn, quilt, etc., all those home spun things that make life worth living (to my mind).
    Next, please try taking an afternoon break...tea perhaps? It's a nice, civilized way to breath deeply.