Island Mystery: Roasted Fried Breadfruit

{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}

Breadfruits are a big thing on my island. We love them boiled, roasted, baked and fried too. They are also good for making chips!

Yesterday, Roasted Fried Breadfruit was the main meal for my day. It is so easy to do, and this my favourite way to eat breadfruit.

Here is how to do it...
Roast the breadfruit on stove top or bake in oven for  about 45 minutes. Let cool then peel. You can peel it the same way you would peel an orange. Then slice in 4 quarters, and cut out the middle. We call that the heart. Now, slice the breadfruit in shapes of your desire, and deep fry until golden brown.

That is all to it. Enjoy ♥



  1. when we visited Bimini many years ago, we had breadfruit and I have to say it was the most delicious thing we or Bahamas, those are my guesses, giggling.

  2. I keep returning to the guess of one of the Hawaiian Islands or the Bahamas area also

  3. Well, I've never heard of breadfruit so you see, learn something every day!

  4. What do they taste like? Are they sweet or more like tostones?

  5. I had breadfruit a few years ago when I went to a supermarket and they were giving away samples. I quite enjoyed it. I don't know why I didn't add it to my regular diet

  6. thank you for posting this! No wonder you are slim!!!! ;)